Merridale Quality

Approved Badge

Merridale equipment is approved by National Weights and Measures, so it can be certified as accurate by trading standards officials and used to sell fuel on to third parties.

Pledge Badge

All Merridale equipment is designed to achieve a minimum life of ten years with built-in assurances of long-term support.

Parts Badge

Merridale do not use counterfeit, unbranded, copy or re-conditioned parts. All Merridale parts are genuine, branded and brand-new. And there are no compromises on build quality.

Software Badge

All Merridale software has to comply with strict standards. Compliance with these standards is your guarantee of quality and reliability.

Warranty Badge

All steelwork is warranted for six years against perforation due to rust or corrosion.

Distributor Badge

When dealing with a Merridale distributor who uses this logo, you have the comfort and assurance that they are officially endorsed by Merridale.